Increase Website Traffic By Adding A Blog To Your Site

Adding a blog to your site can drastically increase the amount of highly targeted traffic your site gets.blogs will increase website trafficYou increase website traffic from search engines and increase actual buyers because it allows you to produce more content for your website that can be targeted directly at people who are more likely to buy what you are selling.  You attract customers.

A business blog is a form of content marketing.  The idea is pretty simple.   You identify what questions people in your target audience are wondering about or asking each other about.   Then you create blog posts (articles) that explain the answers to those questions.

People will start finding those blog posts in the search results when they are searching around looking for the answers to those questions.    When they click on that listing in the search results, they are taken to your blog post on your website.   Once they are there, you can get them to notice that you sell a product or service that is directly relevant to what they are looking for.

Let me show you an actual example of how this is done.


A Practical Example of How To Use A Blog To Attract Prospective Customers

happy businessmanMy brand name is “The Website Promoter”.   It is pretty easy to get my website to rank high for terms like “website promoter” or “professional website promoter”.   You should also be able to get your website to rank well for your own brand related terms if it isn’t already doing so.

The problem is that a lot of people who want what you are selling might not be searching for words that are related to your brand.   In my case, a lot of potential customers aren’t searching for the words “website promoter” at all.  In fact, that term is a pretty low search volume keyword phrase.   There are lots of these lower volume keywords that people are searching for.   Some of the people in my target market are searching for phrases that relate to getting their website to rank high in Google.

I decided to attract some of those people to my site by creating a blog post titled “How to get ranked number one in Google”.   I used good on-page SEO so that the page would have a chance of ranking well.  Then I went out and got a couple links pointing back to the page by publishing guest blog posts on other websites.  Those efforts alone were enough to get the article ranking well for various phrases that people in my target audience are searching for.

Now that one little blog post acts like a customer magnet for my business.  That blog post brings in traffic from people who are more likely to be interested in my services.

Can you see how that makes sense?

Every time I write and publish a new article on my blog that talks about generating website traffic or talks about promoting websites in general, I am going to be increasing the opportunity and probability that new people are going to find my site in the search engines.   There are more pages to find.   As long as I write about topics that my target audience is interested in or topics they are seeking information about, then this tactic should work to keep bringing new people in.

customer magnet


Those blog posts really are customer magnets.


What If You Had A Blog Like That On Your Website?

Are there any articles that you could write which would likely bring in targeted traffic to your website?

What if you had dozens of these kinds of articles bringing in a little bit of traffic each?

That is what blogs are perfect for.  They allow you to target a whole bunch of different keywords that will bring in traffic from the search engines.


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